Qron Calc Macro for Confluence Server



'Qron Calc Macro' makes you be able to embed MS-Excel formulas into standard Confluence Tables

You can use a lot of excel formulas, such as SUM(A1:E2), COUNTIF(A1:E2, ">5").

90-sec demo -

What's New

The latest version is 1.1.2

How to use

It is straightforward. 

You only put 'Qron Calc Macro' on Confluence standard table, then enter a formula in the macro body.

and also you can set numeric format, text alignment, text style options.

Given a formula "sum(b1:b5)" and a format for accounting section and emphasized style will be displayed like a following.

Here are Live examples((warning) They run on a cloud version. So there are slight differences with the server version. The server version is simpler than cloud version.)


Sheet reference

Refer cells in other table using the following notation.

<Sheet number>!<R1><C1>:<R2><C2>

<Sheet number> ← sequential number from the top table which starts from 1

<Rx> ← row number which starts from 1

<Cx> ← column string which starts from A

Inline editing


Direct edit in page view mode via Action panel.

  1. Select the calculated text and click the button in the red box.
  2. Clicking formula makes you be able to edit it.

3. You will be received a notification that the formula is updated. Then, you can reload the page by clicking the 'Reload page' link.

Row/Column tags


It shows Sheet/Row/Column tags in inline-editing mode.

Importing Excel sheet


Import your Excel sheet as Confluence standard table on page edit mode.

How to import your Excel sheet into Confluence page

For example, the following sheet which contains formulas

will be imported like this,

For heading cells of the imported table, please use 'Change cell color'() instead of 'Heading row' / 'Heading column' because heading cells break the coordinate system of calculations.

 : Use Change cell color.

: Don't use 'Heading row' / 'Heading column' .

Supported Formulas

Supported formulas (389 formulas)

Public Issue Tracker

Issue Tracker (and Questions & Answers)


  • Refer field values of Jira issues


  • IFERROR function doesn't correctly work when being evaluated with false
    • display error message such as '#DIV/0!'